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Sunday, January 22, 2012

One big massive saucepan lid installation mountain

So, I've managed to save over 400 saucepan lids, cake tins, jelly moulds, kettles and cups all made from anodised or powder coated alluminium!! As a result of this collecting mania I am introducing a fabulous new challenge for myself.  I must use one saucepan lid per month, using the entire lid.  Thats all the metal, the plastic handle and the screw or rivet holding the handle.  The lid will be completely upcycled into works of jewellery which can be dismantled if need be, so the raw material can be recycled when the jewellery reaches the end of its life.  It's a big challenge, some have said I will be at this for many many years, well so be it!!! I love these pieces of treasure that normally end up in the dump.  I feel a tremendous sense of honour in breathing new life into such stunning gems.

Folks, the lid I have chosen this month is a lovely "Midnight Blue" number.  She's a powder coated lid, fairly modern I believe, with lovely flecks of glitter as you might see on a metallic car duco. At this stage the works are taking on a decidedly Art Nouveau feel.  The works and the process behind creating the works will be on show at the Willunga Artisan Market on the 11th of February, so if you are in the area, pop by to have a sqizz:)

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