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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Midnight Kiss Midnight Eclipse

Fresh from the 'One lid a month' project is my new star, 

'Midnight Kiss, Midnight Eclipse'

 She's been lovingly crafted from the glorious Midnight Blue saucepan lid I chose three weeks ago, I've got half of it left and six days to use all of its material being in the form of new jewellery.  

The designs for this months range are based upon the notion of 'Midnight Blue', what does it mean? Also with Valentines day encroaching I saw this as a wonderful opportunity to think about romance, and how midnight blue can be incorporated into the concept of romance.

For these works I have largely drawn upon the movement of Art Nouveau, dancing, the moon, the stars and explosions of delight!!  I have also chosen to explore some new techniques and push the boundaries of old techniques, I am excited about creating more three dimensional works, and this piece is my first stepping stone down that path. 

With six days and half a lid to go, wish me luck folks :)

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