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Monday, February 13, 2012

One lid a month project is gaining multi-level momentum

Here is the latest from the Midnight Blue lid series, introducing 'STARKISS'. Have you ever had a kiss where it was beyond physical?  It felt like you were drinking in the stars and they became a part of you and you them?  That is what 'STARKISS' is all about.  STARKISS and Midnight Kiss Midnight Eclipse both featured at the last Willunga artisan market and recieved great critical acclaim, evoking notions of whirling midnight whimsy in the arms of a delectable lover, how exciting it is for me to create works that encourage such deliciousness :)

I am very excited to have created these two works so far from this month's Midnight Blue saucepan lid.  I have pushed my design boundaries in terms of aesthetic and technique, and I am really feeling the momentum of this project kicking into gear.  There are officially two days to go to completely use all of the material from Midnight Blue, all kinds if quirky ideas are coming to mind :). The entire collection for this lid will be featured in a mystery gallery in Australia within the next two weeks. So stay tuned and see what romantic whimsies take my fancy :)


Anonymous said...

Wow wow! Fantastic work. I also use saucepan lids but very humble pieces when I look at yours. Such inspiration!Check my simple pieces at Love your idea about using a lid a month and using all of it.

Kim Thomson said...

Awesome!! Saucepan lids are great huh!! I checked the website but alas could not see your work. Do you have any further directions for me to see your work?